Christopher Deveauret

Hey there!

I am Christopher Deveauret and I am the main editor and author of I’ve been in online gambling for lots of years now and I believe now I must share my experience with each of you.

I have always been a great fan of online slots and bookies. I’ve spent lots of years and money on online gambling and bookies in particular. Since I adore writing as well, I decided to write for the site and share anything I know and love about online gambling with everyone who would love to avoid some of the mistakes I made.

I have chosen several sites to bet at and I really enjoyed spending my money on it. Along with the bets I started to play different casino games, while most of sites offered plenty of them. Slots, roulettes and blackjack were my favorite ones.

Here I started to search for good sites in the variety of gambling operators. And I must confess it wasn’t that easy, while I faced few stumbling-blocks on my way.

First off, I came across of the operators who didn’t even have a license issued by any of the gambling commissions. It’s not difficult to guess they were absolutely illegal! Of course I didn’t find it out at once and managed to spend a certain amount of money. I would say I just wasted my money and some of my time.

After a long investigation I finally managed to find really great, fun, honest and absolutely legal gambling operators!

I share all of my experience here on the site; I give my tips, share free strategies, reviews and anything you might be interested in.

So I hope you are going to love it or at least find it helpful for your own experience, while playing should only be fun and secure, and what’s not less important it should be rewarding!

You are welcome to contact me anytime, I’ll do my best to reply and provide any help I can.

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